The following poem was found, unfinished, by Capt. Ferris Spoor at the headquarters of the 194th Tank Battalion.  It was finished  by Lt. Col. Ernest Miller.

Stranded on Bataan

They sent us to the Philippines
We thought it a vacation
This visit to the land of dreams
Proved our complete ruination.

Soon after we had landed here
The Japs came down to meet us
With planes and bombs and tanks and guns
They came down to greet us.

Our tanks were rolled from Stotsenburg
Down to Batangas Bay
From there we hit Lingayen Gulf
Then to Bataan to stay.

We covered all withdraws too
In the darkness of the night
No infantry for close support
Though we hallowed with all are might.

The Agno River line was held
With thirty M-3 tanks
Five and twenty good, long miles
Along the river's bank

No other troops available
To help us through the night
Our weapons mighty useless
Not even could we sight.

The tanks were always last to leave
The active scene of strife
Our orders late or none at all
This was our daily life.

So here we sit, in old Bataan
Just waiting for our aid
We listen to the radio-tell
How much U. S. has made!


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