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You are about to embark on a pictorial journey of the history of the 192nd Tank Battalion.  This archive is a collection of photos, letters and memorabilia of the families and survivors of the 192nd.  For a complete list of contributors, please look at the acknowledgement section of the website.  To those contributors, we give our thanks.  



Before the War

During the War

The Death March

POW Life

After the War

Jim Bashleben's Sketches of POW Life

192nd POW Pictures

American Military Cemetery

Members of the 192nd Killed In Action

Members of the 192nd who

Died on Death March

Animation: Pearl Harbor Attack

  Animation: Battle of the Philippines 1942


Hell Ships

Hell Ship Memorial

POW Camps: Philippines

POW Camps: Japan

POW Camps: Korea

POW Camps: Formosa

POW Camps: Manchuria

M3 Tank Diagram

Capas National Shrine

(Camp O'Donnell)

Maywood Bataan Day Organization

Palawan Massacre

M-2A2 Tank

Arlington Heights, Illinois

2011 Memorial Day

Letters Home

Mukden POWs

Text of Broadcast from Corregidor on Bataan Surrender

General Wainwright's Press Release on the Fall of Bataan

Dedication of Morgan French
Barracks at Fort
Knox, Kentucky
Cabanatuan Sketches Battle Maps:
Philippine Campaign
Medallion of Saint George Presentation to Ben Morin Armor Magazine 1989
Liberated Philippine POW Camps Video Mukden POWs Liberation Video  Song: Dugout Doug Poem: Battling Bastards of Bataan Memorial Day 2013
American Military Cemetery

Japanese Surrender of the Philippines

Death March Box Car

Albert Allen

192nd Roster

Poem: Forgotten Men Burial  of Fr. Ben Morin, S.J.
(2nd Lt. 192nd Tank Battalion)
75th Maywood Bataan Day
September 10, 2017

Tanker's Poem Merrifield's Poem
Reburial of T/4 John Kovach Jr
C Company
July 8, 2017 to July 10, 2017
Reburial of Pfc. Lloyd J. Lobdell
A Company
February 2, 2018

Chicago Tribune Drawings of the Battle of Bataan
December 8, 1941 to April 9, 1942

POW Drawings of Ofuna, Zentsuji, and Rokuroshi POW Camps
Harrodsburg, Kentucky
  D Company, Documentary
April 25, 2008
University of Wisconsin ROTC
Participates in 2016 Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands, New Mexico
in Memory of

A Company


B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion

Morning Assembly - 1941

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