A majority of American soldiers on Bataan believed that the situation they found themselves in was a direct result of the military decisions of General Douglas MacArthur.  Soldiers stated that during the withdraw into Bataan, they passed warehouses full of food, ammunition, and medical supplies.  Many held  deep resentment toward General Douglas MacArthur and referred to him by the nickname "Dugout Doug".  While they lived with daily strafing from Japanese planes and shelling from Japanese artillery, they believed General MacArthur was safe in Malinta Tunnel on Corregidor. 
The following lyrics were song to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"  According to Bernard Fitzpatrick of the 194th Tank Battalion, Jerry Lundquist and himself came up with the words while on radio duty.



Dugout Doug MacArthur lies a shaking on the Rock

Safe from all the bombers and from any sudden shock

Dugout Doug is eating of the best food on Bataan

And his troops go starving on.

Dugout Doug's not timid, he's just cautious, not afraid

He's protecting carefully the stars that Franklin made

Four-star generals are rare as good food on Bataan

And his troops go starving on.

Dugout Doug is ready in his Kris Craft for the flee

Over bounding billows and the wildly raging sea

For the Japs are pounding on the gates of Old Bataan

And his troops go starving on...




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